Creating your Idea


Connecting the dots and developing your business idea.


I will create a <INSERT YOUR PASSION> membership and community.

My Example

A passion and goal that stood our for me was (from my notes)

Reading - I want to read more (passion), for at least one hour everyday (outcome).

Podcast - I would love to do a podcast with a friend (connection) of mine discussing books that we are reading. So we can share what we learn and get more from the reading experience.

I would love to help others to pursue their passions (impact) , by sharing what I've learn from my entrepreneurial journey.

The idea that came to my mind was creating a reading or learning club.

I will create a Reading club and community


In this course I will be teaching you a business model that is based on creating a passion driven business that focusses on a membership, community and partnerships.

You can see at this point, I don't have much detail which is perfectly fine. But I do have a broad general direction. Our idea will take shape as we progress through the next few lessons.


  1. Start something that you love and are passionate about. Regardless of whether it makes money or not, you'd still be happy you started it. Make this about the journey, not the outcomes.
  2. Struggling to find your idea - Go for a walk, take a shower, meditate, sleep on the idea - It's amazing how ideas come together when we do these things.
  3. Start thinking of a few companies or organisations you might be able to partner with

I cover a fair bit in this lesson, please let me know if there are aspects you struggled with or that were a bit confusing. Leave your feedback in the comments and I will update this lesson as required.

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